Whole30: Meal Prep Sunday

Actual Kale Monster 1/17/16

We walked into Central Market like we’ve never been to a grocery store before – we usually shop at HEB – which typically is your average working class grocery store – but Central Market is the bees knees. Central Market is where you find giant kale monsters waiting to be eaten.

So once we collected ourselves and became somewhat less overwhelmed by the amount of fresh delicious choices there were to be had, we settled and started bagging veggies. So many veggies. All the veggies! (Well, no, not all…)

I’ve honestly been having mixed feelings about whether or not this is a good idea. Is this going to be something elsethat I fail at? Can I really actually give up added sugar, wheat, dairy, and alcohol for 30 days? Well, our $110 grocery bill seems to says “Yes you can!! You’re dedicated!”

Part of the meal prepping though requires making our own dressing, I cannot believe how much sugar is in products. I know that sounds like a cheap marketing line, but really. Canned diced tomatoes have sugar? Bacon is cured with sugar! Mayo’s got some added sugar in there, too. Unsweet almond milk? Not unsweet enough. Literally blew my mind.

So to start off, Omar made Basic Mayo:mayo

Look at that gooey mess of fats. Mmm. Another reason why the Whole30 reset is so strict is because the process of turning sugar into energy is eliminated, the goal is to start turning fat into energy. I’d much rather have my fat turn into energy than anything else.

Last night, Omar prepared a crock pot pot roast with peppers, sweet & golden potatoes, celery, carrots, and butternut squash for lunch today, a similar recipe can be found here.


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