Omar and I have decided to tackle the Whole30 Challenge – I’m not sure if they are calling it a challenge, I think the creators are calling it a “reset.” The intention is to reset an unhealthy diet by cutting out all types of added sugars, wheat, and dairy products. (and that includes alcohol, even that healthy glass of red wine).

This undoubtedly will be a challenge for me. Omar and I like to try new exotics foods around Austin, we love to drink beers or mimosas on a Sunday morning and laugh the day away. But the truth is, underneath those good times, I still come on a regular Wednesday afternoon and know that I can be healthier, I know that I can be working harder to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I’m hoping this “resest” will help us achieve that goal. Along with that, I’d like to improve on a few things in my life in this 30 days, after all, the creators do boast life-changing abilities.

My goal with this challenge is a few things:

  1. To set my mind to something and fully accomplish it for the better of my body and mind connection.
  2. To see results in my body’s composition (less fat fucky, please)
  3. To find a visible path to stop the self deprivation, self-loathing, and self-body-shaming that I do on a daily balance.

With those three things, I hope to build myself into an even stronger, healthier, and happier person. Maybe I’ll be able to find the secret of having my cake and eating it too.

Help me on my journey! I sure know I’ll need all the support I can get…